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In Response To: Re: Blindness in swans (The Regal Swan)

Hi Mitchell

We consulted with one of our swan veterinarians, Dr. Geoffrey Gardner. He stated that this is difficult to say whether it is a severe case of conjunctivitis or injury. The only way to determine is to get the carcass to an avian (bird) veterinary.

Do you have any major universities in your area? If so, they may have a veterinary medical school with veterinarians on staff or could provide you with a contact in your area. Wildlife rescues facilities in your area may also have an avian veterinarian on call and they may be able to assist you.

It is of the utmost importance that you find out what is causing this so it does not spread if it is contagious or future birds not injured if it is caused by an injury. Are there any predators in the pond, such as turtles, etc., or protruding metal, vegetation or other material in the habitat? If so, these must be removed. If it is caused by an infection, all swans need to be treated. The Regal Swan
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