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In Response To: Re: My Trumpeter swan is dead: How to remove her out of frozen waters? (The Regal Swan)

Hi Michelle

We are so sorry for your loss and are so familiar with losing such a magnificent bird. More than likely, she did drown as she probably fell through the ice and could not exit, especially during this past week's severe cold.

One way to remove her is to access the ice through a boat by carefully breaking the ice to reach her. You must be very careful and have help so that you do not capsize the boat and have help to rescue you or others should you accidentally fall through the ice. You must be extremely careful and wear a personal flotation device. You must weigh the fact if this procedure is worth the risk of risking your or someone else's life to retrieve her.

A safer way would be to use a fishing pole with hook and line to see if you can snag her and bring her across the ice to you. This will of course depend on how far out on the pond she is located.

We understand about the killing of Mute Swans in Ohio and surrounding states. This killing is based upon non-science, lies perpetuated by wildlife officials and the enforcement of an illegal and unconstitutional law: the Migratory Bird Treaty Reform Act of 2004. This law is a modification of the Migratory Bird Treaty Act of
1918. The problem with the Reform Act is that it was never ratified and therefore is illegal and unconstitutional, meaning the Mute Swans are being killed under a bogus law and the U.S. and wildlife officials are in violation of an international Treaty.

Again, we are so sorry for your loss and hope that this information is beneficial. The Regal Swan
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