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In Response To: Re: Male swan vanished (The Regal Swan)

Hi Lisa

The swan may have flown from the area if something scared him or if he felt the need to migrate because of increment weather. However, under these scenarios, it would seem that both would have left together or the new swan would have been the one to leave. Hopefully, he will return in the next few days as it is common for males to scout nearby ponds.

There is concern that both were hanging around the bush area. If the male swan cannot fly, then this scenario becomes even more worriesome. Are you sure that your male swan is actually a male? If there is a question, there is also the possibility that one of the swans may be preparing a nest. Please let us know how this situation progresses.

We're not sure why you cannot see the thread. We have been working on the website and this might be a temporary issue. The Regal Swan
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