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In Response To: Re: Mute swan still sitting since late March on (now) very brown eggs (The Regal Swan)

Hi Suzanne:

We are hearing about the same scenario throughout the world. Due to the severe late weather that we have been having, many birds went to nest, stopped and then began nesting again. Some completely stopped nesting and others had eggs that flooded out and did not make it. For the swans that were late in nesting, they are still sitting on nests and should hatch out in the very near future. Incubation begins when the last egg was layed, so unless you know exactly the date of the last egg there is little chance of knowing the approximate date of hatching. In any event, the swan female will not stay on a nest full of non-fertile or non-viable eggs. So, if there is any possibility that the eggs will hatch, she will continue sitting. Give her a few more days and she’ll work it out herself. The Regal Swan
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