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Injured Black Cygnet
Date: 12 January 2016

I have black swans at my business, and now have 4 cignets a little over 2 months old. One got a line (fishing ) wrapped around its leg to the extent it almost lost it. I caught it and removed the line, took it to the vet and got antibiotics and have been taking care of the wound. Now that it has healed or mostly healed it will not try to walk using the other good leg. I have been putting it in my tub so it can exercise, but still does not use it much at all. Should I continue seeing if this helps. The leg seems, by looks ok, and the damaged one has healed as to it can be used, but it will not walk. I feel my vet will want to euthanize it and I really don't want to go that route. It has a very good appetite and is very alert.

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