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Swan Protection
Date: 30 January 2016

I work on a golf course in the Phoenix area. We are interested in getting a pair of swans as a focal point for our water features as well as a deterrent for wintering American Wigeons that can be quite destructive to the lake banks. My understanding is the membership has had swans in the past that were quite popular and effective with the wigeons, but unfortunately they were killed by either coyotes or a Bobcat. My question is what are my options for ensuring their protection, if anything? Bringing them in at night is not an option so it needs to be something on the course that they can use. A suggestion was to create a small floating island with a ramp for them to have access as well as straw for them to use at night. Would swans use something like this? Any other suggestions you might have to ensure the safety of the swans if we were to get them? Thanks!

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