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Re: Need help re: swan club leg
By:The Regal Swan
Date: 15 February 2016
In Response To: Need help re: swan club leg (Patricia)

Hi Patricia:

Unfortunately, if this is a Mute Swan, he may be killed by wildlife officials if you seek help. It totally depends on your wildlife laws regarding Mute Swans. Many states misrepresent the Mute Swan as being non-native and invasive so they can free up wetlands and even private ponds to introduce Trumpeter Swans. State and federal wildlife officials are trying to place as many Trumpeter Swans as possible with the capabilities to produce more Trumpeters which will then placed in more ponds. The reasoning: Federal and state wildlife officials are trying to introduce as many Trumpeter Swans as possible so they can open them up to Trophy Waterfowl hunting. Trophy Waterfowl hunting permits will help maintain and recruit hunters as well as help diminishing wildlife budgets.

It is for this reason, that you need to carefully contact waterfowl/wildlife rehabilitation centers or rehabbers to ensure that they can provide a safe secure home for him without the threat of losing their permits and thus having to kill him.

If someone can take him (private individual) with an enclosed duck pond, etc., this would better fit him. If he is having trouble entering and exiting the pond, he needs a controlled captive setting where he can butt scoot in and out of the water. The water feature needs to have a zero entrance and provide him with plenty of food and love. Additionally, if you can provide such a controlled environment that can also house a few ducks or geese as pals, that would be very beneficial.

He may be stressed from being taken from the others and his lifetime home. If he can still enter and exit or you can provide him with an area that will make it easier for him to enter and exit the water in the present pond, that might even be better. One thing is for sure: He cannot be left out of the water or remain in the water for extended amount of time.

Another consideration is his age. Usually, a swan that can be protected and cared for could live up to 20-30 years. With him already being 15 years of age and having a physical problem, his time could be shortened, especially if he is not provided supportive care (zero entrance, smaller water feature, plenty of food, etc.) as he ages.

Please let us know how this progresses and if you can find him a safe secure home. If not, please contact us and we will see if we can find someone outside your state that might be able to adopt him and care for him for the remainder of his life. The Regal Swan

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