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Re: Mute swan beak color
By:The Regal Swan
Date: 1 March 2016
In Response To: Mute swan beak color (D)

Hi D:

There is nothing wrong with the swan. The swan is a juvenile and is not quite 1 year old. His/her bill will not start to turn orange until about 8-10 months of age and will not become totally orange until 1 year of age. You adult swans do not like him/her because he/she poses competition to the mating pair. If it is a young female, the female swan does not want any competition and the male swan will certainly not allow another male into the fold.

Now, having said this, if it is a female swan, the adult pair may chase, but still allow the swan to remain in the habitat, but a safe distance from them and any nesting site/cygnets produced in the near future (springtime this year). This also depends on the amount of food, nesting and other habitat resources. The less resources, the less likely that the swan will be allowed or even decide to stay in the pond.

Did your swans have any cygnets (baby swans)? If so, this swan could be their offspring from last year. They are now chasing it from the habitat to find its own space and mate. The Regal Swan

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