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Re: Swans nest and sprinklers
By:The Regal Swan
Date: 2 March 2016
In Response To: Swans nest and sprinklers (Patricia)

Hi Patricia:

Usually, this is not a problem as long as it is not a direct continuous (hard) spray directly onto the nest. In other words, the sprinkler continuously move along its path of spray. In cold weather, less than 50 F degrees, this might be an issue as you do not want to allow the swan to get too cold. However, during warm days (spring and summer) over 70 degree F, the swan may say thank you as this will allow her to keep cool, especially if she is in direct sunlight.

If there is a major concern to the above issues, then the sprinkler head can easily be turned or switched so that the nest is not watered. Once nesting season is over and the cygnets (baby swans) leave the nest, then the sprinkler can easily be turned back to the area. The Regal Swan

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