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3 Swans a Swimming
Date: 2 March 2016

We had 4 swans and although we thought they were pinioned when babies, they were not so their feathers grow in every season; we are forced to clip them. This is only the 2nd year we had them. Back in September, we had set up a pen to clip wings but a few days before one of them flew away! Questions...

1. Is there any possibility of that swan coming back or has too much time passed?

2. Two of the swans have paired up and the 2nd male is now the odd man out and being shunned by the alpha male. Should we be thinking about selling the 3rd swan so it's an even pair? Or should we buy a 4th swan so it has a mate? Or can we leave just 3 swans together?

3. Can 2 pairs of swans share 1 pond or will we have domination issues every mating season?

Thanks for your insights.

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