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Re: Swan sitting alone by itself
By:The Regal Swan
Date: 7 March 2016
In Response To: Swan sitting alone by itself (Addyson)

Hi Addison

There are a couple of reasons for this behavior. One is that the swan is a juvenile from this year and is being chased from the area by its parents prior to the new nesting season. This is not good as a predator can attack the swan in its present location if it cannot flee back into the pond. The swan can also become very stressed due to not being allowed back into the pond to fedd, drink and bathe. This stress can lead to dehydration, illness and even death.

The second possibility is that the swan has been injured during one of these chases or something else occurred such as predator attack or being hit by a car. The swan definitely needs to be checked to ensure that nothing is wrong with it. Please contact a wildlife rehabber or facility to see if someone can come out, capture and exam the swan. The swan may need medical attention or placed back into a nearby pond. It may even be better to place it on a private pond free from alligators or in another such captive setting free from predators with food and daily care.

It is useless to contact Fish and Game as they view the swans as an exotic and may kill it. A wildlife facility/rehabber is your best chance to have the swan captured and examined.

Please let us know how this situation progresses. The Regal Swan

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