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Re: Putting swans on my pond
By:The Regal Swan
Date: 8 March 2016
In Response To: Putting swans on my pond (Monica)

Hi Monica:

You do need to check with your state wildlife officials as most states want to kill the Mute Swans. If you get a permit, the birds must be pinioned (partial amputation of the portion of the wings that control flight). This will mean that you will need to keep them on your pond and safe from predators as they will not be able to flee or protect themselves from predators. You will need an aerator so the pond does not freeze and promote proper aeration for the pond so that the swans and other wildlife, especially do not die from algae blooms, botulism and other unhealthy conditions found in a pond.

You will also need to build a pen (1/2 in water and 1/2 on land with a zero entrance) enclosed top to bottom so that predators cannot dig under or climb over into the pen and attack the swans. A feeder will need to be placed in the pen with a mixture of 1/2 cracked corn and 1/2 poultry pellets. You may also need to supplement their aquatic vegetation needs by providing lettuce. The swans will need to be kept in the pen for approximately 2 weeks so that they are familiarized with the habitat, the pond, the feeding system and you.

Now, having said all of this, you will need to think twice about getting swans with the koi. Too much feces in the water, since you already have other wildlife, herons, egrets, geese, etc., and the swans are not going to be able to leave the pond, the fecal matter and acidity of the pond can kill the koi. You might want to just enjoy what you now have and not upset the balance of your pond. The Regal Swan

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