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Can swan cygnets get rheumatism?
Date: 12 March 2016

We have 5 swans suddenly turn up on our village pond they came one day and have decided to stay. But unfortunatley one has gone off its legs and could hardly walk I was told the rspca had been called out and had taken the poorly swan away they said it had rheumatoid arthritis and put it to sleep I saw next door neighbors dog chasing it could it have caused the leg damage contributed to the leg damage if it is a genetic disease could the rest of the birds develope this has they look fine. Do cygnets get rheumatism that's my question? Because we can't bring the swan back but it was all done far to quick for my opinion but we did not want the bird to suffer.

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Can swan cygnets get rheumatism? -- Teresa -- 12 March 2016
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