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Will 2 male swans build a nest?
Date: 13 March 2016

We have (what we were told by the actual owners) 2 male swans that they purchased. They have been clipped, but walk across a very busy road to leave their normal pond to come to ours in the fall. With the weather getting warmer, we have noticed that they have not migrated back to their pond, but are building what appears to be a nest near our water's edge. We have also noticed aggressive behavior between the two of them recently and were worried that they would injure one another with the larger one of the two trying to drowning the smaller one. I believe they are at least 4 years old.

Would 2 males ever get along long term? Would 2 males build a nest? The smaller one appears to be sitting on top of the "nest" most of the time. If they are a male and female and manage to produce off spring how do we handle them with love and care?

We have been providing a supplemental mix of food near the nesting area.

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