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Re: How deep is too deep for swans to feed?
By:The Regal Swan
Date: 13 March 2016

Hi Adam:

A swan can feed for approximately 6-7 feet in depth. So, if you fish in an area deeper than this, it should be adequate. However, this also depends on the height of the aquatic vegetation in the area. If the vegetation is high, then the swans will not have to necessarily reach that far to eat. If in an area of high vegetation, there is also a high probability of fishing line/hooks being intertwined in the vegetation which can also cause the swans to become entangled, hooked or swallow the fishing tackle.

Should you accidently hook a swan, especially in the beak area, please do not try to remove it. Get the swan to a swan rescue facility or call the RSPCA. If you pull the hook from a beak, you can tear up the beak. You also do not want to pull the hook from the mouth or throat area. Even if you cannot capture the swan, please call so that someone can try to rescue the bird.

Most of the time, especially in the U.K., the swans will stay in the same area, so capture is much more probable than in other areas where the swans may fly and not return to the same area. We hope this information is of benefit.
The Regal Swan

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