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Re: How to Sex Black Aussie Cygnets
By:The Regal Swan
Date: 14 March 2016
In Response To: How to Sex Black Aussie Cygnets (Bobby)

Hi Bobby:

There is no guarantee of sexing the cygnets unless it is through DNA sequencing. You will need to contact a licensed avian/bird veterinarian that can take a feather sample with DNA material attached. The veterinarian will also have to find a means to identify the cygnets so that when the results are received in approximately 2-3 weeks, you can match up the results with the respective cygnet.

The veterinarian will then submit the sample to a licensed DNA laboratory which will process and provide the results to the veterinarian.

The only way to temporarily identify the cygnets is through a leg tag and we would strongly dissuade the use of this type of identification because they can restrict the growth of the legs, entangle the cygnet in something which the leg tag can become attached and cause leg injuries. If the cygnets sustain a leg injury, depending on the severity, usually it is so insurmountable that the cygnet may have to be euthanized. We would urge that no DNA sequencing be attempted until the cygnets are at least 4-6 months of age at which time the leg tag will be less detrimental to the cygnets. Even then, there is a still a possibility of injury, but the legs will have grown stronger and the use of the tag will only be a temporary item.

Finally, some swan owners rush out to conduct DNA Sequencing, and other identification information. Unfortunately, after spending a large amount of money, the cygnets may not survive prior to 4-6 months of age. Again, even then, bad things can happen.

It is best to wait and ensure that the cygnets have at least reached 4-6 months of age as the probability of surviving is greater than at a very young age when the cygnets can succumb to injury, illness and predation. The Regal Swan

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