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Re: Looking to purchase a trumpeter swan
By:The Regal Swan
Date: 19 March 2016
In Response To: Looking to purchase a trumpeter swan (Freemat)

Hi Freemat:

Are you looking to replace a mate? If so, is the remaining swan a male or female? If it is a male, it usually will not accept another mate and it will definitely NOT accept another male. The swans will fight resulting in the possible injury and even death to both or one of the swans. If you have a remaining female, (you need to have it checked to ensure that it is a female for the reason stated above), there still is no guarantee that the female will accept another mate.

Additionally, you will need a federal permit to possess a Trumpeter Swan as they are a protected species. Should you get an opposite gendered species and the two swans do accept each other, you may need a breeder's permit if they produce cygnets. In the case of the Trumpeter Swans, you will not be permitted to addle eggs (or any other method) to prevent the swans from breeding and producing cygnets. If cygnets are produced, you will need to have them pinioned by a licensed veterinarian at 1-3 weeks of age and you will again, need to register the swans for a federal permit. Should you sell or give the cygnets away, you will need to provide the necessary federal documentation.

Now, after all of this, if you still want to maintain a Trumpeter Swan and you can obtain a federal permit, please contact us again. The Regal Swan

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