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Following a human around, not aggressive
Date: 29 March 2016

I do not know anything about the psyche of a swan, but Ralph's behavior is very strange this year after his winter in captivity. He kind of has a "thing" about Richard. He waits at our back door when he realizes Richard is in the house. I find him waiting at the barn door if he thinks Richard is in the barn. When he spots him, he follows him around outside. I laughed out loud when Richard took off on his 4-wheeler pulling the lawn roller, and Ralph was waddling just as fast as he could go following behind. Any ideas from you swan psychologists?? He isn't wanting food because when Richard sets it in front of him, he isn't interested. I know it is spring and last year this swan was at Gleaner's Life Insurance and had a mate, Gladys, and this year he is at our house with Chester.

FYI, Richard is my husband. Ralph is the swan acting weird and Chester is our 'regular' swan.

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Following a human around, not aggressive -- Sherri -- 29 March 2016
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