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Re: Swan not moving
By:The Regal Swan
Date: 29 March 2016
In Response To: Swan not moving (J)

Hi J:

You might want to discretely contact a wildlife rehabilitation facility to see if they might come out and check the swan out for any injury, entanglement or illness.

We say discretely, because you need to ask if the swan will be killed if any intervention is conducted. Many states falsely claim that the Mute Swans are an invasive species so that they can be killed. This is the most erroneous information ever provided by state and federal wildlife authorities because Mute Swans are actually a Sentinel species. They indicate when something is wrong with the habitat such as the presence of heavy metals and harmful microorganisms.

Yet, the wildlife officials will use any excuse to kill them so that the habitat that they live can be freed to introduce the larger Trumpeter Swans for Trophy Waterfowl hunting. Trophy Waterfowl hunting permits cost more and bring in much more money than a normal waterfowl hunting permit. There has been a concerted effort by wildlife officials to bring these larger swans in so that their diminished wildlife budgets can be supplemented.

Try to find a wildlife rehabber than might look at the swan, ensure that nothing is wrong and releasing back into the habitat or a nearby pond so that it can go about its life. It may have been injured during a chase by its parents to remove it from the nesting habitat or injured by a harsh landing/injured during mating/ hit by a car or collision with a building or other structure. Please let us know how this situation progresses. There is a major concern that a predator may attack the swan. The Regal Swan

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