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Re: Nest washed away
By:The Regal Swan
Date: 29 March 2016
In Response To: Nest washed away (Cath)

Hi Cath:

It depends on how far along the nesting was occurring before the nest/eggs were washed away. If it occurred immediately after the laying of the eggs, then there is a chance that the swan may double clutch, i.e, build another nest and begin laying more eggs.

However, if flooding occurs later in the nesting period, then it is not likely that the swan will try to nest again. Now, having said all of this, there are also other variables that enter this equation.

1. Double clutching will depend on the individual attributes of the swans.

2. Both swans will need to have high hormone levels to produce eggs. If the hormone levels for one or both swans have subsided, it is not likely that they will re-nest/produce eggs.

3. If the weather is still severe and no habitat available in the immediate area to rebuild the nest, it is highly unlikely the swans will retry nesting and producing eggs.

4. If the swans were scared off by the flooding, it is not likely that they are going to re-nest/produce a new clutch of eggs.

Birds and wildlife know when the environment/habitat is not suitable for production of offspring and if they have any inclination that something could be detrimental to the offspring, they will not try to nest or produce more eggs for this season.

Hopefully, they learn their lesson from this year and will not repeat building the nest in the same area next year and build in a more suitable habitat with higher ground from flooding. The Regal Swan

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