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Re: Bring new swan for old swan?
By:The Regal Swan
Date: 3 April 2016
In Response To: Bring new swan for old swan? (Michael)

Hi Michael

There are no guarantees that the female will take another male after losing her mate. Even if she does, there are several issues to take into account:

1. You will probably never find another swan the same age. This means, that inevitably, your female swan could die from old age and then you would need to find another swan and this pattern will continue to do age related attrition.

2. The laws have changed as federal and state wildlife officials have misrepresented Mute Swan, stating that they are detrimental to the habitat. This is in fact a complete hoax in order to get rid of the Mute Swans so that the state and federal wildlife officials can introduce the larger Trumpeter Swans for Trophy Waterfowl hunting purposes. In doing so, state and federal wildlife officials are making it harder to own and breed Mute Swans. Should you get a male, you may not only need a license to now own swans, but also a breeder's license for any cygnets produced. Additionally, you will be responsible for pinioning the cygnets at 1-3 weeks of age, providing all veterinary care and documentation as you may or may not be able to sell or give away the cygnets. Once you have 1-4 cygnets a year, what happens to the cygnets if you cannot sell or give them away?

3. In order to introduce a swan to the new habitat, you will need to build a pen (enclosed top to bottom with feeder inside) to prevent predators from attacking the new swan by digging under or climbing over into the pen. The pen must be 1/2 in water and 1/2 on land with a zero entrance to avoid leg and foot injuries. The swan will need to stay in the pen for approximately 2 weeks to acclimate itself to you, the feeding system, the female swan and the new habitat. Should you see any signs of defensiveness/aggressiveness in either bird, this introduction is not going to work and you will need to return the male swan or find him a good home. Should there be no signs of this aggressive behavior, then you can let the male swan out onto the pond. Have a boat or some other rescue device quickly available to rescue the female swan should the male swan attack.

For all of the above reasons, we would strongly suggest that you do not introduce another mate. If you need to get a couple of ducks or geese to keep her company, that would be a better alternative. Once the female meets her demise, then it will be easier to introduce a new pair, again with understanding the above issues such as permits may be needed and an introduction pen must be used. The Regal Swan

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