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Re: Swan eggs are gone from nest
Date: 12 April 2016
In Response To: Re: Swan eggs are gone from nest. (The Regal Swan)

Thank you for the quick reply. The area where they built the nest is actually a large liner pond that we built when we had Koi. We no longer have koi but there are a few goldfish in this pond. It's more of a hidden area and not out in the open as our large pond. Also in an area closer to our house in which the swans enjoy during the day and sometimes evenings due to they like to be close to us! Which they will come to our front door and ?honk? for us to open the door and come out to feed them! (btw what is the proper term for their honking/barking?)

Due to the fact that they were not nesting right beside open water and could not roll the eggs out of the nest, would they have cracked the eggs and eaten the shells? I realize a small animal could have possibly gotten to the eggs but I say it is highly doubtful. Our pen was starting to lay on the nest full time and the minute that she would see anyone or anything come near, she came to protect her clutch and for an animal to get all 4 eggs at one short time, I would assume isn't the problem with the missing eggs. This is why my main question to you is would the Swans have removed and eaten them?

Also yes I have checked the nest and no eggs were covered, also I knew as soon as I saw her in the pond this morning that something was not right because she was on the nest 99% of the time and when she wasn't on the nest, she was nearby.

On a good note, I am wondering if they will have another set of eggs. The Pen (Penny) sat at the nest for a short time and was building the nest even more while the Cob worked on collecting more items to build it?

Thanks again, this site and the time that you take to answer questions and help others is so very much appreciated!

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