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Re: Tundra swan
By:The Regal Swan
Date: 18 April 2016
In Response To: Tundra swan (T Lamb)

Hi T:

If the swan is not a captive bred swan and learned the migratory path from the parents, it will find its way to and from the migratory path. Just because it is a Tundra Swan does not mean that it was from the Alaska area. There are many Tundra flocks throughout the U.S. and the swan will go back to where the parents showed it to fly. So, if it was from the Yosemite area, it will return to Yosemite, if it was from Alaska, it will return to Alaska, etc. But, again, this is totally determined by where the swan was hatched and if it even migrates.

The parents may be in the immediate area and chased the young swan from their habitat to find another. Some swans and other birds may not migrate if the weather and food source, shelter and other habitat requirements are met year round. The Regal Swan

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