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Baby swan care
Date: 24 April 2016

Hi I have 2 fertilized swan eggs for 21 days already. The babies are alive and moving inside the shell when I candle them.

They were found in a park where our family goes fishing but the parents didn't show up the whole day. Later on from a swan body near the park the mom was hit by a car.

Now I have some questions-
1. How to care for babies swans that don't have a mother swan?
2. What should I feed the babies? And how much?
3. Is it true that first hatch don't need to be fed on the first day out of the shell? when should I start feeding?
4. As them get older after babyhood at 6 months is it possible for them to live on their own if they're set free? or do you recommend caring for them for life since they don't have a mom to teach them any silks to live in the wild?

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