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Swan Injured
Date: 25 April 2016


We live in NJ on a small lake and the one male swan we care for showed up acting strangely on Friday. He is listing in the water to the left and not using his right leg at all. It is up under his right wing. We have seen him stretch it out and it did not appear to be mangled or bent. He was fine on Wednesday, we did not see him on Thursday, then showed up injured on Friday. We don't know what happened to him. We did not and do not see any trauma to him and there is no blood. Our lake has large turtles. Is it possible that his leg got caught and maybe is strained or can it be broken? Or could he have been bitten by a turtle?

I am giving him a steroid and antibiotic in his food hoping it will help. We have an avian vet to take him too but we cannot catch him. He will not let us get close to him and we are not sure even how to catch him.

Please help and advise.


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