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Re: Feed formula question
By:The Regal Swan
Date: 25 April 2016
In Response To: Feed formula question (Sara)

Hi Sara:

Forget these home preparations as they either offer not enough nutritional resources for the swans or they produce too much protein which can cause a condition in the young swans' wings known as "angel wing", reverse or backwards wing", etc.

This condition is a nutritional issue most of the time, although it can also be caused by genetics. Again, usually it is the result of poor nutrition. The condition causes the wing to form too quickly and the underlying supporting structures cannot keep up with the growth, usually resulting from too much protein. The wings droop or reverse backward. The swans will never be able to fly and will not be able to protect themselves from predators as a normal flapping wing would allow.

You need to feed the swans a 50% mixture of poultry layer pellets and 50% cracked corn. The poultry layer pellets provide the necessary nutrients such as vitamins, minerals and micronutrients.

The cracked corn acts as a filler but also provides necessary Vitamin A. If the swan's do not get this crucial vitamin, they can become affected by a neurological condition in which they cannot hold up their heads/necks, cannot walk, etc., and can eventually die.

The poultry layer pellets and cracked corn needs to be placed directly in the water so that the swans can feed without choking. You can also add a little bread as a treat and some lettuce which will provide them with needed vegetative needs, especially in the winter or other times in which the aquatic vegetation is sparse. The Regal Swan

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