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Re: Pinioned mute swan cygnets...what to do with them?
By:The Regal Swan
Date: 2 May 2016

Hi John:

You must still pinion the cygnets and this procedure must be conducted by a licensed experiences avian/waterfowl veterinarian who must conduct the procedure at 1-3 weeks of age.

At this age, the procedure is not that stressful on the cygnets as it will require no anesthesia an a couple of stitches. Only one wing is pinioned. The procedure is conducted at this early age because the nerves, bones and cartilage are not formed. If you wait later than 3 weeks of age, these tissues are formed and anesthesia is required making it more difficult on the birds, more stressful and some may not make it through the anesthesia.

Once the adult swans begin chasing the cygnets (usually between 6-8 months of age when the cygnets begin turning white in color), then they are old enough to be given away. They do not need to fly from their parents as the parents will only chase and nip at them. Again, at 8 months of age, the cygnets will have learned how to be swans, know about predators, how to escape and avoid the predators, and other basics of swan care from their parents. At this time, they can safely be given away knowing that they know how to properly care for themselves. The Regal Swan

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