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Re: Nesting mute swan has bump on belly
By:The Regal Swan
Date: 4 May 2016
In Response To: Nesting mute swan has bump on belly (Larry)

Hi Larry

Have any of the eggs hatched yet? She may have an abrasion from sitting too long. Once the cygnets are hatched, you need to collect the cygnets, place them in a separate container ( non-slick container to prevent any foot or leg injuries ) and capture the mother swan and place her in a separate container. Keep the cygnets within her sight and hearing. In the meantime, take the cygnets and mother to a licensed avian/waterfowl veterinarian to have her examined.

Mother swans lose approximately 30% of their weight and energy level, but if she does not start to eat or look better, you may need to get a veterinarian to her and check her at the nest. The last thing you want is to lose the mother due to infection, egg impaction or other reason because she went unchecked by a veterinarian. The veterinarian can also check the eggs to see if they are fertile without too much disturbance and see if the eggs may need to be sacrificed for the health of the mother, i.e. determination made to get her off the nest. The Regal Swan

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