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Swan and Goose "friends"?
Date: 13 May 2016

We live on a small lake, lots of geese use it as a stop over each year. We do have 2 pairs that come back every year to have babies. This March a beautiful lone Swan appeared, we don't think he had a mate, unless she is hiding in a nest. He aggressively chased all the geese away, even flying after them and if they went on land he still chased them. We thought maybe he had a mate that was laying her eggs. One of the pairs of geese have their nest on a small island on the side of the lake, he does not really bother them. Of the other pair, one disappeared and now seems to be "friends' with the swan, they swim together, eat together and look at each other and lift their heads up and down as if communicating! Is this normal? I say he, because he is huge! I cant tell if sometimes there is a female in the lake and he is nesting, sometimes it does look smaller. If they have a nest, when will they hatch? Oh, almost forgot, we live outside White Haven, Pa. in the Poconos of Pa. Thanks,
Merri Damico

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