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Swan Fertility
Date: 21 May 2016

My swans were nesting at the same place they have for the last few years, but a couple of weeks ago, Mama wasn't there anymore. Daddy Swan continued to stop by each day to get his ration of shelled corn. I was excited to see Mama and Daddy this morning where she had been nesting, because I thought perhaps her eggs had hatched. Unfortunately, when they swam down the river to my dock, they had no cygnets with them. My question is: does swan fertility diminish as they age? Could they lay eggs, but the eggs fail to develop to maturation because the parents are getting older? This couple has been bringing their little ones to my dock for about 15 years, and I love them like I do my dog and my kitties. I'll feel much better if I know they could have lost their eggs naturally, but I'll be VERY upset if I think the DNR destroyed their eggs. I cannot imagine her continuing to sit on her nest if the eggs were destroyed though. Please advise.

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