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Re: Geese & Swans
By:The Regal Swan
Date: 22 May 2016
In Response To: Geese & Swans (Patricia)

Hi Patricia:

This is normal behavior, especially during mating and nesting season. This normal behavior is continually misrepresented by the Michigan DNR taxpayers so that the Mute Swans seem to be such a menace to other wildlife and waterfowl that taxpayers will buy into the killing of the Mute Swans and introduction of the larger Trumpeter Swans. The Mute Swan is no more aggressive or defensive than any other waterfowl/wildlife species protecting its nest and family. In fact, the Mute Swan serves as Sentinel species alerting to problems in the environment such as the presence of heavy metals and harmful microorganisms. Had the Michigan DNR not been so proud to remove these birds, scientists would have been alerted very early to the problems in the Flint River which went unnoticed until people were harmed from drinking the polluted water.

The reason that the Michigan DNR wants to remove the Mute Swans is to introduce the larger Trophy Waterfowl, the Trumpeter Swan. What they are not telling the taxpayers is that the Trumpeter Swan is much more detrimental to the habitat and other waterfowl than the Mute Swan will ever be. Once these larger swans are introduced into your lake, it will be virtually impossible to remove them, even it they become overly defensive to humans. This is a fact that they have readily admitted in papers, but are ignoring the fact so that they can procure more money for their budgets. The taxpayers need to be all over this issue and stop the killing of the Mute Swans and the introduction of these larger swans which will only be able to be removed once hunting season begins. This introduction and hunting has been and will continue to be at the expense of the taxpayers. The Regal Swan

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