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Swan fight to the death !
Date: 28 May 2016

I have an issue regarding two male swans fighting in my 4 acre lake. I started with two white mute swans and two black ones. They were all raised together from just a few months old to now approaching three years old. The first year I kept them in a fenced yard but later moved them to another property containing the lake. Initially, they all got along, but unfortunately a coyote, or some predator, killed the male black swan. Obviously, we were devastated.

After 6 months we got a slightly more mature male black swan to replace the killed one. After a few days of allowing him to acclimate to the female, I put him in the lake. The “white” male mute swan attacked him immediately. I had to get into the lake, grab the mute by the throat, and drag him away from his fight. No matter the situation, once the black swan is introduced into the lake, the mute attacks and continues to attack no matter in or out of water. He gets on top of him in a vicious fight holding his head underwater attempting to drown him. Even on the bank the black swan gets violently attacked.

My question is the following: Is there anything I can do to keep them both in the lake ? What can I do so they will tolerate each other ? Currently, the mute is sequestered to a stall in the barn until I can get a game plan.

Thanks for any help.


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