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Male widower swan won't accept a new female
Date: 30 May 2016

Hello. Two years ago we had a pair of swans on our lake. The female died and the male is alone. He appears to be thriving. About a month ago, we had at least 13 swans on our lake at one time. We figured it was like a singles mixer for our lone male swan. Then the swans left and our male was left alone again. Two days ago, 3 new swans arrived on our lake. Two were obviously a pair, but the other swan, I determined she is a female, kept trying to get close to our male. He has been refusing her, puffing up his feathers and coming at her in an aggressive manner. Yesterday, the new pair left the lake, leaving behind the single female. Our male and this new female were making some progress toward getting closer but now I notice that while he is on the shore eating she stays at least 20-30 yards away from him toward the main part of the lake and appears to not be eating. I've read that the male may never accept this female, so at what point will she give up and leave? I fear she is not eating, she just seems to be waiting for him to come to her. Any thoughts?

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