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Re: Swan capture
By:The Regal Swan
Date: 13 June 2016
In Response To: Swan capture (Lynne)

Hi Lynne

This would not be an ideal solution as he will try to get back to his family and habitat which could get him seriously injured or killed by a predator or traffic. The mother swan will also need his protection during the nesting season.

The best solutions are to weather the storm or to build a pen on his pond, entirely enclosed top to bottom to prevent predators from digging under or climb into the pen to access the swan. Place the pen 1/2 in water and 1/2 on land with zero entrance and no slick or abrasive surface. A feeder should be placed inside the pen. Whether you keep him in the pen or free on his pond, his sex hormones will go back to normal in the next couple of weeks and things will settle down.

The pen on his pond will help facilitate an easier herding by kayaks, canoes or slow boats into the pen and you won't have to pick him up or otherwise handle him. The Regal Swan

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