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Swan following my baby girl
Date: 23 June 2016

Hi this is purely just for my own curiosity. I was at a beach on luss in scotland and sat my baby daughter on the sand to take a picture a large swan appeared in the water from nowhere and swam slowly towards her. It seemed to make a beeline for her and stared solidly. I lifted her realising it was fixed on her but it continued to follow me holding her. No aggression at all no noises hissing grunting nothing no flappin or wing movement just walking fast to keep up with me holding her. My partener blocked the way as i was scared and the swan backed off then found an alternative path to her and appeared next to me it followed me right to my car and i had to get in and move the car the whole time it wouldnt break eye contact with my baby it was the strangest thing ive ever seen. But again there was absolutly no aggression at all from it. Have you any idea Why it would it act like this?

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