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Re: Swan needed (Philadelphia)
By:The Regal Swan
Date: 4 July 2016
In Response To: Swan needed (Philadelphia) (Tom)

Hi Tom:

Unfortunately, we do not know of a swan breeder near Philadelphia. However, one that we consistently recommend is Bob Knox of Knox Swan and Dogs in Illinois. His stock is healthy and pinioned. His number is 847-875-3947.

The major concern would be placing another swan in your area if foxes can get to the new swan. You will need to build a temporary pen (enclosed top to bottom so that no predator can dig under or climb over and into the pen to access the swans). The pen should have a zero entrance, 1/2 on water and 1/2 on land so that the swan can bathe and then get out of the water to dry and preen. The outside of the pen should be covered with poultry fencing from the bottom rail up to 4 feet in height so that no predator can reach into the pen as the swan is preening or resting on the land. A feeder should be placed in the pen so the swan can understand you are the swankeeper and how she is to be fed. The swan must be kept in the pen for approximately 1-2 weeks so that both swans can acclimate to each other, the new swan can acclimate to you, its surroundings and learn that this is her new home. If you do not use the pen system for her introduction to your pond, both swans could fight with one or both becoming seriously injured, or the new swan tries to walk away and return to her old home. This would be extremely dangerous as a fox could capture her if she starts to walk away and does not accept the new home as her own.

Again, we hope that you have added some layer of protection against foxes and other predators before considering another swan. The Regal Swan

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