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Missing mate
Date: 12 July 2016

I live on a pond in Mass. Since 1999 I have had a pair of swans that have made it their habitat. I have grown extremely fond of them and as a result we have bonded. They come when I call them and when in the mood they hang out with me by the waters edge. I love them as if they were my own. As of the 30th of June the male has disappeared. His mate searches for him constantly. She still visits me but her stay is short. I am concerned for her safety and well being without him. Please tell me. Is it possible he took off only to return at a later date or do I continue to assume the worse? It is heart wrenching watching her exist by herself. At this point I can only assume the worse. I really don't see how anything could have happened to him after all these years living in the same body of water. Is there any hope? Any info, advice, words of encouragement. I am heart sick.

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