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Re: Breeding swans in Malaysia
By:The Regal Swan
Date: 6 August 2016
In Response To: Breeding swans in Malaysia (Justin)

Hi Justin:

More than likely, there are several reasons that you do not see swans in Malaysia.

1. The weather or the habitat is not suitable for certain species.

2. There is no interest in keeping swans by other individuals.

3. There is great regulation in importing and exporting swans and wildlife into many countries. Most countries now have laws that prevent introduction of any species that is not native to that area.

4. The cost of paying for the licenses which would include: import, export, breeding, maintenance, habitat development and maintenance etc. is expensive.

Any and all of these could be factors as why you do not see swans in Malaysia. The major question is if you are going to breed the swans, where are you going to place the offspring once they become a year old and then the swans begin producing another brood yearly? Swan pairs breed and produce cygnets once a year, with some species producing offspring twice a year. You are going to be overrun with swans and no where to ship them or sell them. You could not even produce them as a food source because most people refuse to eat them as the meat is unpalatable-very dark and greasy.

So, there are many questions for you to consider. You will need to purchase a permit from your government to import and breed. The next question would be where to get the swans as most countries refuse to export wildlife, especially swans and other such waterfowl into areas that they are not native.

Finally, how you are going to recoup your money from breeding the swans when there are probably not that many people in Malaysia who will have the proper habitat (safe from predators, sizeable fresh water ponds on their properties, etc.) and you will not be able to export them to other countries? We would strongly suggest that you consider these issues as it can be extremely costly to you and you may have no means to recoup your financial loss.

Additionally, once you become overrun with swans and you cannot sell them or maintain such large numbers, your only recourse will be to kill the birds to control their population and this is not fair to the birds. This is an issue that your government will ask you: What is your plan for the swans and you will need to prove that you have a viable plan to produce, maintain and distribute the swans? If your government sees that you do not have a legal, viable plan to address great number of swans, they more than likely will not provide you with the necessary licenses to obtain them in the first place. The Regal Swan

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