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Re: Swans in hotel lobby: Is it a good environment?
By:The Regal Swan
Date: 9 August 2016

Hi Kimi:

Yes, we are aware of these swans as we were asked to look into the situation several years ago. Is the habitat safe and adequate, are the swans cared for daily and provided veterinary care? Yes to all of the above. Now, having said this, you might be asking would it be better for the swans to survive in the wild, and the answer is yes, until you look further into the issue.

These particular Mute Swans were bred in captivity or placed in a captive setting mandated by possible state laws. This means that they could not survive on their own in the natural environment or would be killed by state or federal wildlife officials if they were to be found in the wild.

Many states under the guise of conservation, promote false representations as the swans being aggressive, non-native, invasive, (pick any or all) and any other misrepresentation that will promote grant monies from the federal government. Then, the Mute Swans are relegated to certain death or mutilation so they cannot live or fly in the wild.

The reason behind the killings and control of Mute Swans in the U.S. is so that the larger Trumpeter Swans can be relocated into the habitats vacated by the killed swans so state and federal wildlife budgets can be enhanced through Trophy Waterfowl hunting. Trumpeter Swans are much larger than Mute Swans and Trophy Waterfowl hunting permits are much more expensive. Trophy hunts promote new hunters as well as maintain current hunters.

So, would the Mute Swans be better in the wild in normal conditions, yes, but under the current conditions in the U.S., the swans in the hotel are alive, can live a wonderful life and receive the necessary daily care and veterinary treatment when necessary. On another note, Mute Swans are extremely lazy and tend to stay in certain areas (mainly when food is available) and do not require great distances in captive settings to live. The Regal Swan

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