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Black Swan Rescue
Date: 13 August 2016

Hi! I live on a ten acre farm with a one acre pond in Bucks County PA . I am being offered three black swans that were rescued from a hording situation. I have no other water fowl on the pond except for an occasional wood duck family. There is also a snapping turtle & water snake in there. The pond is aerated and has a floating dock. We have two small dogs on the property, but their invisible fence does not allow them near the pond. We also have guinea hens that wander towards the water sometimes.
We have had no real predator problems, however, I did see a coyote last year.

I am asking for advise in this situation. The age and the sex of the swans is unknown. They are being quarantined for thirty days & are housed together and seem to get along.

Any information for me would be helpful and greatly appreciated. I would love to help these birds, but need to make an educated decision.

Thank You very much!

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