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Re: Black Swan Rescue
By:The Regal Swan
Date: 14 August 2016
In Response To: Black Swan Rescue (Kathi)

Hi Kathi:

Thank you for caring about the swans and the rescuers that rescued them. There are several issues with Australian Black Swans that can pose some difficulty.

First, you will need to protect them from the coyotes or other predators. The snapping turtle can seriously injure (to the point that they may need to be euthanized) to actually killing them. So, something will need to be done to capture and relocate the snapping turtle if you are going to introduce the swans to the pond.

Second, Australian Black Swans are southern hemisphere swans, so you will need to build an indoor feature for the winter as they will not be able to survive extreme cold temperatures (anything below 50 degrees). You will need to build a shed/garage/barn free from predator access, free from pests (ants, rats, etc.), with adequate ventilation (no direct drafts) with straw flooring and a water feature and feeder. The feeder, straw and water must be changed daily and the birds watered down thoroughly with warm water to keep their feathers healthy if they are not able to swim and keep themselves clean.

Third, Australian Black Swans breed twice a year, so if you have a male/female pair, you are going to have cygnets twice a year and the broods can typically range from 1-8 cygnets at a time. Are you able to care for this many swans and will you be able to find the offspring (on a yearly basis) a good safe home? Will you need a permit to maintain, breed and care for the swans as well as provide them with any veterinary care that may arise? Cygnets must be pinioned (rendered unable to fly) by a licensed veterinarian between 1-3 weeks of age.

So, you can see there are many issues in caring for this particular species for a lifetime (1-20 years of age). We would suggest that if you can address these issues in a safe adequate habitat, then the swans will have a good life.

If you or anyone else cannot provide these necessary habitat requirements, we would suggest that you contact Bob Knox (Knox Dogs & Swans-847-875-3947). Bob has indoor winter pens for various species of swans and can provide them with a safe quality home. We hope this information is of benefit. The Regal Swan

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