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Territorial Swan
Date: 5 September 2016

We have three, 2-year old swans - 2 males and 1 female. Back in February, the 1 male started chasing the other male from the pond. This behavior subsided after mating season so it all seems perfectly normal. We wanted to get another swan so they could both have a mate so 3 weeks ago we purchased a 4mth old, female swan. We made a pen half in the water and half out to introduce the swan to the others. About once a week we have let the baby swan out of the pen however they are not getting along. The alpha male spends most of his days pecking at the fence. When the new swan is released into the pond, the alpha male and others seem to take turns, or even gang up on, attacking it. The alpha male and the female are the worse. The new swan was out of its pen for the entire day yesterday and the others repeatedly chased her from the pond. No matter where the swan gets in the water, the others will come, wings up and heads down, charging it until they catch it and bit it, try to drown it or chase it out of the water. They have even gone after her on the land. Is there anything else we can do to help the birds assimilate better? Are we doing something wrong? We have 3 peking ducks and when they first arrived, the swans would chase them too but now they all seem to get along fine. Please help.

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