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Re: swans in a housing development lake
By:The Regal Swan
Date: 20 September 2016

Hi Rick:

After looking at the photo, there is a greater concern. There is a road next to the pond. If you remove the bushes, the swans will begin to wander into the road. Not only will they be susceptible to predators while walking away from the pond, but they will definitely be prone to getting hit by a vehicle/bicycle, etc.

Finally, there will be no protection from heavy rain/wind/snow/hot weather or any other inclement weather. The bushes will provide shelter for them.

If the swans stay along the banks, they can have a clear view of the pond and quickly escape back into the pond. If they are nesting on the bank (whether away from the bushes or near the bushes, you may need to erect a pen that surrounds the nest (front/sides and top (chain link or poultry fencing) so that nothing can dig under or climb into the nesting area. The front of the pen should be open and go into the water for easy escape back into the water as well as allow the swans to get off the nest, go into the pond, bathe, feed and drink. Even if the swans have been safe so far from nesting and not been predated, there is no guarantee that it won't happen and a nesting pen may be the best answer. But, this is a decision that the homeowner's will need to address. The Regal Swan

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