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Re: Rehabilitating an adult swan
By:The Regal Swan
Date: 29 September 2016
In Response To: Rehabilitating an adult swan (Beth)

Hi Beth

There are several factors that would enter into this decision.

1. The size of your overall facility for housing various species.

2. Whether you have a large water feature/quarantine/recuperation area that can accommodate several swans and other waterfowl at the same time. The larger the feature, the less fighting. As long as they all have ample water, food or resting areas, there should be no problem housing them together.

3. The severity of the injury or the need to quarantine if contagious. Obviously, if there is a need to recuperate from a severe injury or surgery, or there is a disease factor, not housing them together would be the better decision. If they need to be temporarily housed for slight injury such as fishing hooks, etc., or need to be monitored for some reason, then housing with other swans or waterfowl is acceptable. Again, all of this depends on the nature of the injury or illness and length of stay. The longer the stay, the more interaction with other waterfowl is suggested. You also need to segregate among like sizes. If you have very young cygnets, you would place them with ducks or goslings, no adults.

We notice that you are from the U.K. You might visit Swan Support in Datchet as they have a rehab center specifically for swans and you might get some ideas regarding size and habitat requirements. We hope this information is of benefit. TheRegal Swan

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