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Re: Swans don't leave the shoreline
By:The Regal Swan
Date: 16 October 2016
In Response To: Swans don't leave the shoreline (George)

Hi George:

Have you or anyone else observed the swans at night? More than likely, they are staying in the water over night and coming out in the daytime to preen, rest and feed.

If they do not stay in the pond at night, then this can lead them open to predation.

If you want them to stay in the water, you need to move the feeder approximately 3 feet into the water (although we're not sure what type of feeder that you have), but if you look on this website under feeders, you will find a dog café mounted on a pole placed in the water. You will need to train the swans how to use the dog café to push the trap door to obtain food and the feeder will need to be cleaned regularly and food changed on a weekly basis, more often if rain or water gets to the food.

In any case, by placing the feeder further out into the water, you will prevent predators and pests from accessing the food and the swans and will cause the swans to stay longer in the water. If this still does not work, you might want to place some type of fending (fencing that does not allow the swans to climb over or get their heads stuck) around the pond in areas in which you do not want the swans sitting. You would want to leave an area that is safe and free from predator access for the swans to exit the water, rest and preen. Hopefully, this information is of benefit. The Regal Swan

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