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Re: When do swans leave their young?
By:The Regal Swan
Date: 6 November 2016
In Response To: When do swans leave their young? (Paige)

Hi Paige

If the swans are not pinioned (rendered unable to fly) and not someone's pets, then the young are chased by the parents. Usually, the chasing occurs once the cygnets (captive or wild) turn white and are approximately 8-12 months of age. This chasing can occur during the migration season or prior to the upcoming nesting season.

If the cygnets can fly, they will leave the habitat. If they cannot fly, then they may either walk from the habitat or have to endure the stress of constant chasing and prevented from entering or exiting the water by the parents swans. This is all normal behavior so the parents can prepare for the next nesting period.

During the migration season, the juveniles are not only taught the migration route, but introduced to other juveniles. Then, they are encouraged to form a bond with a future mate and seek their own habitat. The Regal Swan

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