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Re: How do Mute Swans find their mates?
By:The Regal Swan
Date: 13 November 2016
In Response To: How do Mute Swans find their mates? (Nick)

Hi Nick:

Once the cygnets turn white in color (signaling that they are becoming adults) and prior to the onset of the next nesting season, the parents chase the cygnets from the nesting habitat.

Usually, this occurs prior to or at migration. The cygnets are chased by the parents into an area where other juvenile swans are located as they have also been chased from their nesting areas by their parents.

This juvenile sub-flock allows each of the cygnets to pal around, mingle and become more and more familiar with the various other cygnets. Since the migration period to the wintering grounds lasts a few months, this provides the cygnets (now juvenile swans) time to "date" various swans of the opposite gender. Once the migration turns back to the nesting grounds, the juveniles may or may not have chosen a mate. If a mate is chosen, the new juveniles will try to find a habitat of their own to begin their life together.

The "odd man/woman out" juveniles may have to wait longer to find a new habitat and meet up with other juveniles who also do not have a mate once they return to the original nesting areas. Dating begins and then they too, will choose a mate and start their own nesting habitat and family. The Regal Swan

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