Ask the Swan Specialist

Bumblefoot female swan
Date: 30 November 2016

Hi there

We have a young 2 year old swan that arrived to ours couple of months ago. We live in Scotland, U.K.

The swans live in an enclosed protected area with a pond. The winter came and large parts of the pond have frozen solid. This female swan got stranded and can't walk on ice. We rescued her and found that she has bilateral bumble foot, approx 1/2 cm each foot. Unfortunately she escaped from the temporary hospital enclosure we made for her, and she is now with the other birds and swans, on a part of the pond that is not frozen that has large grasses.

She didn't have bumble foot when she arrived and I can only think she got it from getting in and out of their floating house that they are not using now.

My question is - should we leave her as she is, or should we catch her, take her inside and treat her over this winter? She is well in herself, eats. She can walk on grass is just ice that is painful.

Thank you!!