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Baby Swan separated from its group
Date: 2 December 2016

Hi, its been now 6 weeks I see every day a baby swan at one place under the bridge in Dublin, Ireland.

I live near by - I would say maybe 1 km away next to the canal where a big group of swans come here spend winter every year in October and they fly away in February. this big group of swans have babies, same age just about a year old as I have seen then grow, still with grey marks on their feathers like the baby swan I see 2 bridges away. this group of swans are now missing one swan as we counted them and we think this separate swan probably belong to them. she lives near Hilton Hotel, on the canal, all alone. People are now feeding the swan every evening. the canal area is near the road and we are just worried she might just get hit by a car or something.
we think, she must just flew away when she got scared (because sometimes dogs chase them) and don't know how she can find her group? that's probably how she ended up where she is now. can you please revert? I emailed the DSPCA and they just replied the swan is not injured and they will leave it.

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