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Re: Baby Swan separated from its group
By:The Regal Swan
Date: 2 December 2016
In Response To: Baby Swan separated from its group (Lydia)

Hi Lydia:

If the DSPCA will not intervene, see if you can find a swan sanctuary or wildlife rescue facility in your area. They may be able to intervene. Otherwise, the cygnet will have to be left to its own devices to stay safe.

Sometimes, adult swans may chase older juveniles from the flock, especially if they are male. This may also be the case in this situation. The older juvenile may have been chased from its family. If this is the reason the swan landed in your near you, there is no guarantee that after you return the swan to the family, that it will not be chased again or even accepted by the family. If people can feed the swan away from the road, it will help keep it from danger as the swan will learn that to be fed, it has to be in an area that the humans frequent. So, if you cannot get someone to relocate the bird, feeding it in a safe location or luring it away from the road and into a safe area may be the best solution. The Regal Swan

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